Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I posted my Sunday Sketches before seeing Sophia's post that it is cancelled this week.  Dearest Sophia my heart goes out to you for your loss, a Father such an important person in our lives and the love you have yours evident.  I wish you strength in your healing journey.

For Sunday Sketches I'm sharing more of my Rocky Horror Pieces, this one a charcoal sketch of RiffRaff.

and Frankie Baby done with Pastels

If you'd like to see the ones I did of Columbia see this post.

  Happy Sunday!  Time is Fleeting...Madness takes it toll!

And because I posted it so late yesterday:

Last But Not Least The Winner of My Blog Giveaway celebrating International Rabbit Day Last week is:

            *******PEGGY GATO ********
Congratulations Peggy!  I will contact you about sending your prize! 


Heather said...

these are so great! These would be great framed around the house in the spirit of the season! nice job. enjoy your sunday!

Christine said...

oh they are gruesome!