Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WOYWW June 26th, 2013

Gosh it's been awhile since I've had time to post for What's on your Workdesk Wednesday!  I have to say I've missed this blog hop.  I love seeing what you all are up to.

Here's a little update from me.  I have been blessed with a huge influx of art commissions and booked out all of 2013 and 1/3 of 2014 with my hand torn paper pet portrait commissions.  It has been so exciting to have the orders flowing in so quickly that I somewhat under-guestimated how long it would take me to do them all and I've been running to beat the band to keep up.  I know, I know, plenty of worse problems to have as an artist!

I had created an entire studio in a studio apartment but found that I kept drifting back to my own home.  I guess I just like being with my family.  So I've moved back out of my studio space to the comforts of my home, which I love because I can work anytime of the day or night.

Here's my one of my studio tables.  It's relatively clean as I am getting ready to deliver a finished pet portrait and to mail out 2 sets of my greeting cards.   Later today I'm going to sand down my desk because it has gotten rather bumpy with the paint and glue.
WOYWW June 26th / Sophie's Portrait. 
On my other Studio table (Translate dining room table...LOL) I've set up this brand new photo light box that I was sent to review from The LA Shop.  I didn't have any trouble wanting to review and use this product because I've been trying to find a portable photo light box that would work for me and instead of me finding it, it found me!   As a commission artist and a blogger I really needed a way to take better photos.  I'm super excited about this product, because at $40 bucks it's a steal and includes everything, so if you're an artist and need to take better photos to sell your art, you can check out my full product review at the end of this post. Also as a gift to you all for checking out my review they've given me a coupon code to share with you for 10% off it's with the review.

Partial set up of Portable photo studio - full set up photos below

Here's a better look at the hand torn paper pet portrait commission on my studio table:

Sophie's Hand Torn Paper Pop Art Pet Portrait next to her photo.


Here's a peek at the commission prior to this since I missed out on sharing it with you, this is Ruby from Perth, Australia
Ruby next to her photo - Hand Torn Paper

Ruby from Hand Torn Paper

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my studio space and what I've been up to!  It's my goal to get back on track and keep posting for WOYWW . Thanks to Julia  at Stamping Ground for keeping up this wonderful group, I'm so happy to be able to come back and pick up where I left off.  I can't wait to check out what you all have been up to!! Thanks so much for stopping by!  As promised my review of  The LA Shops awesome portable photo studio.

I've had a few offers to review products on my blog before but this was the first one I decided was worth sharing with my artist friends. Although I'm an artist, I am a lousy photographer and it's been the bane of my existence to get good photographs of my art.  When LA Shop asked me to review their product I thought, well it's worth a try because if by some miracle I got lucky and had a better way to get good photos of my art then I would be doing a serious happy dance.  So I told them to go ahead and send it out.  Honestly at $39.99 I really didn't think I'd be getting very much to work with and boy howdy was I wrong.  What showed up was a quality, portable photo cube with everything under the sun included!  I exclaimed in delight all during the set up.

Folded Up

Lights with stands and extra light bulbs included

Easy Unfolding and set up

Pockets t o hold lights and iphone camera stand

4 Backdrop colors White, Blue, Black and Red

16" Cube - Roomy enough but still portable
The whole Set up-Pretty Cool Huh!! 

So for me it's a rave review!!  I'm thrilled to have a wonderful portable photo studio to photograph my art.  For $40 bucks it's a steal.  I don't imagine they'll have them stocked for very long once the word gets out what a super product they have.  Yep, I did get something free out of this review but if it had been lousy, well I would have told you that too since many of your are my friends and clients and you'd know where to find me ....LOL.  

Portablility  5 Stars
Lights         3 1/2 stars (super easy set up but I would mind if they were a bit taller and brighter(
Tripod        5 Stars (My hubby went nuts over this because it would bend to amazing angles high and low)
Set up         4 1/2 stars  (easy peasy)
Backdrops  5 stars (all the colors I would need, I usually use white anyway)
Construction 5 Stars  (Well made, good buckles, no shabby stitching)

What one for yourself.  Find it here or check out their eclectic selection of products,  If this one is any indicator I'm looking forward to what I'm going to purchase from them next.

Here's a Coupon Code for 10% off any of their products as a gifty to my blog followers, thanks for stopping by!  Coupon Code BLOGGERS   The LA Shop

Thanks for coming by!! 


Sue McDonald said...

WOW!! Robin, your art work is amazing my favourite has to be Ruth on your desk today.

Sue #38

The Taming of the Glue said...

Fantastic pet portraits, I've never seen any like that before. The photo set up looks amazing and really reasonable. If they ever get them to the UK at the same sort of price it'll be top of my wish list! Hugs. Pam#28

Helen said...

Well done on being so busy! The pet portaits are fab! Happy WOYWW, Helen 7

Candace said...

Absolutely love those pictures

Ginny said...

Hi Robin, I loved seeing your desk and especially your work. I can only imagine how excited your customers are when they receive your portraits. They are wonderful.

I am fascinated by the product you shared. Will have to look into it. Have a great week.

Ginny (#15)

Ginny said...

Hi Robin, I loved seeing your desk and especially your work. I can only imagine how excited your customers are when they receive your portraits. They are wonderful.

I am fascinated by the product you shared. Will have to look into it. Have a great week.

Ginny (#15)

Maudieroff Roffey said...

Hi Robin - my first visit to your desk and am so glad I did - fantastic artworks and that lightbox looks like exactly what I need - have a great week - Happy WOYWW - Mxx #99

butlersabroad said...

That's really good news about the artwork commissions Robin, and your new pet portraits are gorgeous. Thanks for the card love.

Brenda 2

ike said...

I'm glad you have plenty of commissions :-)
That light box is amazing - I wish I could get one out here :-(

IKE #35

Marit said...

Sounds like you are indeed super busy. I love your technique and I can imagine you drifting home from your studio - I too like to work at home. Happy woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #91

soulbrush said...

Love seeing your table and you hard at work, and of course you always inspire me!

Uniflame said...

Wow! I just love your pet paintings! They are amazing! Uniflame - 96

Krisha said...

OMGOSH! I love your torn paper art!
Thanks for shring the portable phot box. I'm headed there noe to check it out further.
Krisha #12

Lucy said...

Thanks for the review. I was looking for one of these when I started listing my items on Etsy. The dogs are fabulous, very clever. Thanks for sharing, have a great week. Lucy #37 x

Karen Ives said...

Lovely portraits. I have a similar light box, they are very handy.
Karen #77