Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Day in the Studio 1.20.13

This is the delightful family of pups I'm creating portraits for a gallery in Pennsylvania Sunny, Willow, Maestro and Chessie aren't they a gorgeous bunch! 

Here is something you might find interesting..maybe...I've been working hard to get that delightful, liquidy texture that Sunny's eye has. Now if I showed you that eye on my simple form (since I always create eyes first) You'd look at it and go ummm..I don't see that eye working at all...LOL...But when I take the eye I created out of paper and place it on top of Sunny's photo (the one on the right is the one I created) you' ll go oh yes, by George I think she's got it...LOL. So I don't do a ton of early photos because they look pretty silly until I have more of the portrait created. 

What do I snack on while creating ? Why, Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Wasabi and Soy sauce...that'll add a bit of zest to the creativity for the day!

Thanks for stopping by to visit my studio today! 

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