Tuesday, July 31, 2012

WOYWW Aug 1st

Hello intrepid studio spy friends (you know who you are from WOYWW!)

How's your week?  Seriously I want to know :)

My week since I saw you last, a series of ups and downs.  Downs---I caught another flippin Summer virus.  My second of the Summer.  I feel like typhoid Mary I swear.  I hardly ever get sick and now I'm questioning what's up immune system, why the fuss?  I eat well, exercise well and keep my stress level down so I shouldn't get sick right!  (Yay I know that doesn't make a spit of difference if I'm coming in contact with sick peeps.)

The highs however have abolished the lows!  I'll tell you more but let's post that desk photo first

Studio Table WOYWW Aug 1

Shadow's photograph - My next Chigirie (Torn Paper) Commission, I'm in the process of choosing what delicious papers I will use to create him and a mixed media piece in progress "Choose Joy."

My new business cards --Love them!

...so back to those highs....I get them from art ...and adulation ...LOL not necessarily exclusive to each other but I still do back flips over every new commission.  I love being a full time artist.  To make a living doing something that feeds my soul, well, it's definitely Joyful!   So this week, having my new business cards so that I may immediately show people what I do with Torn Paper has been like carrying around a miniature gallery and guess what, lots more new clients.  How sweet is that?!?!  I landed a commission from one family for 3 pieces for the new home they are building two dogs and a black bear.

Thanks for sharing my joy and my art on a weekly basis because another thing that feeds my soul is reading your blogs and seeing your fabulous creations on a weekly basis!  So much talent abounds out there and I love peeking into your studios and your lives.

Lastly here is the 3rd thing I did this week, completed on Friday.  Another Painting in my Wild Horses Series.

Storm 18 X 24 Ink and Acrylic on 140lb Archival Paper

Thanks for stopping by lovelies.  I keep trying to make it to see you all and have to admit I usually can only manage between 50-80 blogs but I am determined to keep trying them all and I'm trying to skip around a bit so I get to see everyone.  I really aim to manage the full 100+ and leave real comments and "hear" which each has to say.  I just don't want to jump and paste!  

Thanks Julia for this awesome weekly adventure.  Check it out over at Stamping Ground WOYWW What's on  Your Workdesk Wednesday. 

ps. as always I donate $1 to animal rescue for every new fan on my Facebook Studio page, hope you'll come on by https://www.facebook.com/pages/Robin-Panzer-Art-Studio-33/231107300246708
August Rescue Donation will go to Change of Heart Pitbull Rescue, find out more on my Facebook page.

Happy Wednesday!


VonnyK said...

Those business cards are fabulous, your art speaks for itself, just great. Can't wait to see how your next doggy comes out. Sorry you are sick again, my hubby is onto cold no. 2, so it must be the time of year. Hope you can shake it off soon.
Have a great week.
Von #35

Neet said...

I had a year like that, one cold after another and they turned into chest infections - don't want to go there. Hope you are soon feeling better and the horrid things stay away.
Love your horse and I do love your other work - those business cards look amazing!
Take care and get well, Hugs, Neet #27 xx

StampinCarol said...

Hope you get better soon. Summer colds are such a pain (in more ways than one). I absolutely love your horse painting! I used to have horses and miss them so. Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #106

Princess Judy Palmer said...

My week has been odd. Lots of allergies (ah-choo!), lots of switchboard answering at work (tedious), lots of rain (we need it), lots of home phone outages (due to rain), little crafting or doing anything productive (it happens). Sorry to hear about the summer cold. They are no fun! Summer should be all about fun, frivolity, and good health. I think you need to banish these sick people from your life. I love the new business cards. Your torn paper art is just so spectacular.

nerllybird said...

Love your horse - so much movement. DS3 has been ill for a week too, and he is super mega fit. Doesn't seem to be serious enough for medication but it's really dragging on. Hope your illness goes away soon!
Helen S #73

Eliza said...

I love your business cards they are perfect and wow 3 more to do, you are on a roll, congratulations.

Happy crafting
Eliza #16 again