Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wasp Nest Paper...Cool!

Here's a little Work in Progress today.  This is Chigirie (Torn Paper) Art.  

I am currently creating this howling wolf from paper torn by hand and reconstructed onto the finished canvas.

I started today with a simple sketch of a Howling Wolf:

I spent the next couple of hours tearing and arranging then glueing real wasp/hornet nest paper to create the wolf.  The glue is still a bit wet in this photo but you can see how he is taking form.

If you'd like to see more on the progression of this piece I will be posting the remaining steps on my Facebook Studio Page.

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Carol said...

I would never have thought using a wasp nest and I can be very creative when it comes to choice of materials.

craftattack said...

Coming along nicely! Hope there are no wasps left in that paper! Valerie

laurie said...

that is amazing!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

The wasp's nest paper is very cool looking-unique. Did you just swipe it from an empty nest or has it been treated in some way? Just curious as I suspect a wasp's nest may have a musky smell.