Saturday, January 14, 2012

Whooo Boyo!

Well yesterday was definitely a Friday the 13th!  Besides being down with this monster ear infection, my blog went down for 10 hours yesterday!  Google restored my blog but several of my posts were corrupted so sorry if you came to visit a specific post and don't find it.  I'm too tired to recreate them.  More fun things coming out of the studio this week though so stay tuned!

Probably hackers, I'll do the research soon, I didn't own a tech college for 22 years to not have the best tools to locate the problem!

Have a wonderful Saturday, I'm curling back under the blankets and waiting for the antibiotics to kick in!


Christine said...

you owned a Tech college? How interesting! It's scary what's happening to people's blogs these days.

craftattack said...

Yeah, Google has had a mad weekend! Valerie

Sabina said...

Antibiotics? Oh no, hope you feel better!

And wow you owned a tech college? That's so cool. I haven't encountered any problems with Blogger yet (that I know of) but thanks for the warning!