Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Food For Thought Thursday #9

Food For Thought Thursdays # 9 LINKY

A Blog Hop!

What are you eating today, yesterday, this week?  We wanna know!!! Share some thoughts about the food you eat and pictures are great too and then take a little blog hop around to see what's on everyone else's plates!

Sign up here with Mr. Linky to share your blog post with us! Remember to copy the blog address of the specific post, not your general blog address!  

Be patient this is a brand new hop, the numbers will grow....come join the fun!  

What am I making today for breakfast...well I call it a Rustic Torte and it's a very simple recipe (thus the rustic...LOL) Eggs, Fresh Tomato, Crushed Black Pepper and Avocado sprinkled with parmesan!  YUM!


craftattack said...

Your breakfast looks good. Mine is always just coffee, three huge mugs, and then I can start the day! Valerie

TangolikeRaindrop said...

Your omlette looks splendid! I love avocado. :) Thank you for the invite!

laurie said...

this looks yummy, I'm hungry and this sounds perfect!