Thursday, November 17, 2011

Food For Thought Thursday #5

Food For Thought Thursdays # 5 LINKY

Here it is my own blog hop theme!

We need a Thursday Blog Hop too right? What are you eating today, yesterday, this week?  We wanna know!!! Share some thoughts about the food you eat and pictures are great too and then take a little blog hop around to see what's on everyone else's plates!

My post today is a favorite holiday recipe, hope you'll hop on by!

Sign up here with Mr. Linky to share your blog post with us! Remember to copy the blog address of the specific post, not your general blog address!  

Be patient this is a brand new hop, the numbers will grow....come join the fun!  


Gloria said...

Hi Robin. Just linking my post and saying hello. Have a great day and rest of the week.

craftattack said...

I can't cook, but hope you all have fun! Valerie

Robin Panzer Art said...

That's okay Craft Attack, the blog hop isn't about what you cook it's about what you eat, we take pictures of things we eat at restaurants or that someone else cooks for us. It's just about what's on your plate, what are you eating today, this week...I'm always curious about what other people eat. :)


Anonymous said...

I love this,, I will go now and do a post to link!!

Christine said...

I just noticed your linky, and joining in!

Tracey Potter said...

Such a great idea, I was thinking the same thing about needing a Thursday blog hop, and started mine for sharing palettes and paints about the same time as you started your food sharing one. I like to cook and eat! I'll have to pop back and add a link next week. xx