Thursday, November 10, 2011

Acorn Cookies for Food For Thought Thursday

So what food do I want to share with you today?  Well for me today it was about acorns!  Nope I don't eat acorns but I wanted to create a Fall treat to take to the various Fall/Thanksgiving themed parties happening this month.  So Here is a fun version of no bake, super duper easy peasy "Acorn" Cookies.

Acorn Cookies

 All you need is a package of mini size Nutter Butter Cookies Bites.  A package of Hershey's Kisses and a package of mini chocolate chips.  Use peanut butter as glue and in minutes you'll have these enchanting little cookies that will be the talk of the party!

They are fun to make and the taste amazing, I mean really chocolate and peanut butter how can you go wrong?  ps. I made a few using Nutella as glue because I am a total Nutella nut!  Those aren't pictured because I ATE them!!!

Happy Food For Thought Thursday #4, I'm so glad you dropped by!

Come join us in this blog hope to share something you are eating today, yesterday, this week!  No tough rules just share food!  Wanna Bite?


Gloria said...

You know, I have never tasted Acorns before. They sound good. I'm a nut and almmond person and also pecans. If they taste like any of the mentioned then I would love them. Nice photo. Have a great day and thx for hosting.

Gloria said...

I thought they the cookies had acorns in them, tee hee. Your cookies are divine Robin and they do look delish.:)

Janet said...

The little acorn cookies look great and they sound delicious. I love peanut butter!

Do we have a Mr Linky today?

Christine said...

did u say no-bake? I'm in! They look yum!

Anonymous said...

now thts so sweet, really cute,

Carol said...

Those are so cute!!!! Will have to make some for Thanksgiving :0)